A simple divorce is the quickest path to ending a marriage

A simple divorce in Freemont, California may work for many couples who are not too bitter towards each other and want to move on with their lives in the most straightforward and economical way possible.

As a community property state, couples seeking a divorce in Fremont and in communities throughout the state should understand that the courts will make sure that assets acquired throughout the course of a marriage will be divided equally when a marriage is dissolved.  Couples who can rationally decide how assets can be divided equitably stand the best chance of having not having to involve lawyers or mediators to sort out complicated property and asset issues on their behalf.

Simple divorces can also proceed much quicker than those that are contested.  If a divorce trial and negotiations involving lawyers are necessary, a divorce could take a year or more.  In an uncontested divorce, a case can be resolved in as little as six to eight months.

Simple divorces also have another benefit in cases where children are involved.  A divorce will produce strain between the couple in question, but when a divorce turns nasty and is long and drawn out, any children involved in the divorce will suffer as much if not more emotional strain than the parents.  It’s well known that one of the biggest issues couples face in a divorce is custody of the children.  This often times produces the most battles and more often than not is the reason parents find themselves arguing their point of view in front of a judge.

California courts believe that both parents should have frequent and ongoing contact with their children, no matter who winds up as the custodial parent.  Parents who can work out a fair custodial agreement as far as children are concerned are well on their way to making a simple divorce process work for them.

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