Proving negligence is vital in a wrongful death case

When somebody dies unexpectedly, it is a tragedy.  And when that death is caused due to another person’s actions, the grief is compounded several times over.

While nothing can bring a loved one back, the family of a victim may be able to seek compensation from those who may be responsible for a potentially wrongful death.  The key is being able to prove that negligence is what caused the person to die.

Wrongful deaths in Fremont and throughout California that lead to lawsuits can happen in many ways.  A person may be killed by a drunk or speeding driver or electrocuted by faulty wiring installed improperly by a contractor.  A murder that happens during a robbery is another example as well as manufacturers that produce and distribute poorly made products that end up killing consumers.  The instances of negligence that can lead to a wrongful death are almost limitless.

Proving negligence, in Freemont and elsewhere, is key and an attorney must be able to show that a person acted outside of what would be considered acceptable and safe behavior.  By acting irresponsibly, they created a breach of care and it led to a situation that led to that person’s death.  Killing another person while driving drunk is a classic example of acting negligently.

With the help of an attorney, the survivors of the person who has been killed can seek many forms of compensation.  This can include the recovery of the loss of future income, the loss of future inheritance, repayment for any medical bills that were incurred, compensation for pain and suffering by the victim before they passed away, and compensation for the loss of love and companionship that the deceased person would have provided.

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