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Slip and Fall Accidents in Fremont, CA

Bay Area Premises Liability Lawyer

Proprietors of buildings and businesses are well aware that they are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for employees, customers, and pedestrians. Specific safety regulations are in place to help ensure that no person is subject to accidental injury such as a slip and fall accident or a fall from a height. However, there are still, to this day, enormous amounts of carelessness and negligence that lead to such accidents, leaving helpless and unassuming victims in a situation where they are facing grave injury, sometimes even death because of this.

If you or someone you love is a victim of a slip and fall accident, then you need to contact Larry K. Arguello today. With over 3 decades of experience helping clients fight for the compensation they deserve, he will take on your case, investigate the negligence of the property owner, present your case, and fight to win what you deserve. It is not fair that you suffered any trace of injury due to the failure of someone else to maintain their property. You should not have to suffer from the pain of physical, emotional, or financial burden as a result of that, either.

Another service that is offered by the Law Offices of Larry K. Arguello is fall from height injury lawyer services. If you fell from a height that was either improperly marked or covered up, or the platform was not properly secured, then you are also entitled to fight for compensation to cover the losses incurred.

The Law Offices of Larry K. Arguello are based in Fremont, CA. Larry also proudly offers his experience working with victims of slip and fall accidents to cities of Milpitas, Hayward, Pleasanton, and Union City. No matter what the severity of your accident and injuries may have been, you have the right to fight for and earn your compensation. If you are looking to close this chapter and move on to the next, then call fall from height injury lawyer Larry K. Arguello today for a free consultation and find out more about how you can accomplish that.