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California Accident Liability Attorney

The Law Offices of Larry K. Arguello provide experienced and skilled personal injury lawsuit representation to residents of Fremont, CA, and the entire Bay Area of California. Your case deserves serious attention. Personal injury attorney Larry K. Arguello has over 30 years of experience, and now he's fighting in your corner! He's reached successful verdicts for clients in the following areas:

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How Will Personal Injury Lawyer Larry K. Arguello Win?

Larry K. Arguello is an experienced trial lawyer who's been practicing relevant law for over 30 years. With personal injury cases, his first attempt is normally to achieve a fair and just settlement for you out of court. If for any reason the opposing party- such as an insurance agency or the defense council- is not willing to cooperate and agree to a fair compensation for your losses, he will not shy away from litigation. These losses include pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and more. He makes certain that the opposing parties know that he's not afraid to take your case to court. In many cases, that knowledge alone is enough to persuade the other party to agree to a reasonable amount at your personal injury settlement negotiating table.

How Will You Prepare For My Fremont Injury Case?

Attorney Arguello is always prepared- from the negotiating table to the court of law! What really allows him to win compensation for his clients is more than just his extensive experience- it's also his extensive research, fact-checking, and preparation. Personal injury lawsuits in California take a lot of work, but Larry K. Arguello goes the extra mile for every one of his clients.

Personal Attention From Your Personal Injury Lawyer Through Your Entire Case!

The first thing attorney Arguello does is converse with you about your case, and hear your side of the story and grievances in full. Each case is taken personally- Mr. Arguello purposely takes on a limited caseload so he can have time for what needs to be done for each client. He gets all the facts and examines every detail until he's satisfied he knows exactly what transpired and who exactly is liable for your injury. He will offer you advice and assistance in collecting the required evidence to support your case in both the court and the negotiating table. You will know your rights and be aware of every option available to you- guaranteed.

A Custom Approach To Every Case- No Matter How Sophisticated Or Simple

Every case that Attorney Arguello takes on is different. Whenever possible, he reviews police statements and reports, interviews law enforcement officers and witnesses both- anyone who can shed light on the accident behind your injury- and more. He also looks for any other evidence that can help win your case, such as CCTV footage from nearby buildings or traffic cameras. He reviews every document related to your einjury, and prepares a strong case in your favor, just for you.

Research, Fact-Checking, And Reconstruction Of Your Fremont Personal Injury Accident

Having a dedicated Fremont personal injury attorney on your side is great. It's even better when that attorney hires experts. Larry K. Arguello will hire accident inspectors to prepare a full analysis of the circumstances around your incident, as well as provide any additional evidence that can help us identify all the liable parties. This may include measurements of skid marks, reviews of vehicular damage, and reviews of other damaged objects at the site. He also may employ the services of a skilled accident reconstructionist, who will paint the entire picture of your accident and find proof that your injury was caused by the opposing party. That means they'll likely be found liable for your pain, suffering, and other damages.

Recovery Of Financial Compensation For Your Bay Area Personal Injury Damages

Personal injury attorney Larry K. Arguello will identify all the parties that should be held liable for your accident, and then he'll fight on your behalf in the court of law to recover your maximum possible financial compensation. You deserve to be rewarded based on your pain and suffering, property damage, medical expenses, and lost wages due to rehabilitation after the accident.

In case of injuries sustained during car accidents, it is most commonly the other driver that will be liable for your accident- but there may be other liable parties that will not be immediately obvious. Improper car check-up by the mechanic, defective parts from the vehicle manufacturer, and improper maintenance of the roadway (such as potholes, inadequate street lighting, and etc.) are some of the examples of second parties that may be held liable for your injuries. During his preparation for your trial, Attorney Arguello will identify all of those parties, and make sure you are compensated for their misconduct and the negligence that led to your accident and subsequent injury.

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