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Getting injured on the job is a very serious situation. It is important to note that workplaces are required to ensure and maintain safe working conditions for all employees and visitors. Also, it is required that workplaces have specific insurance requirements in place in case accidents do occur. Larry K. Arguello is a trial attorney who is very familiar with cases involving personal injuries incurred at the workplace.

As a trial attorney, Larry has been part of many workplace injury cases. Victims can suffer from a wide range of traumas, including bodily injury or dismemberment, emotional turmoil, loss of income from not being able to get back to work, or even loss of the job, and worst of all, loss of life. In any one of these situations, the aftereffects spread to a much wider base than just the victim. This involves spouses, children, and even entire families who may depend on the consistent, hard work of the injured or deceased in order to make ends meet. When this becomes compromised because of an injury such as a scaffolding accident, then those victims and their families deserve only the best when it comes to fighting for the best possible outcome. As a scaffolding accident attorney, Larry has helped many construction site workers level out this tumultuous time in their lives so that they may recover to the best of their ability without dealing with the added stress of hiring a lawyer they aren’t sure whether or not they can trust. Larry K. Arguello is the work injury lawyer with over 3 decades of experience and a great reputation that you can trust!

The Law Offices of Larry K. Arguello are based in Fremont, CA. Larry also proudly offers his services as a work injury lawyer to the cities of Milpitas, Hayward, Pleasanton, and Union City. When you need a trial attorney with the experience and knowledge to fight for the best possible outcome, and you are looking to close this chapter and move on to the next, call Larry K. Arguello today for a free consultation and find out more about how you can accomplish that.